Strategic Management &Realtime Metrics

FSD's flagship product ExecSMS is composed three main components: Organizational hierarchy, the Strategic Planning, and the Real-Time Dashboards linked to all data sources of the organization. With these three components our tool is able to create an accountability system for every employee.

By creating the organizational hierarchy and assigning different levels of the strategic plan to each employee as tasks in the organization ExecSMS assures that the whole organization walks towards the strategic goals of the organization. While providing the strategic plan management and accountabilityExecSMS also provides communication and information sharing tools that allow each member of the organization share thoughts and knowledge virtually on all elements of the plan. ExecSMS transforms strategic plan from a once-a-year presented word document into a live accountability and task management tool.

ExecSMS also provides very powerful dashboarding capability that links to all data sources of the organization from relational databases to spreadsheets and brings all of the data together on a dashboard for members of the organization to view and act on. What differentiates ExecSMS from other dashboards out there is that not only that it provides data changes in real time by its state of the art data fetching algorithms, it also links the data to the company hiearchy, thus allows each member of the organization to view only the data relevant to their level in the organization, this allows presentation of meaningful data to each member of the organization rather than showing everyone in the organization the same laundry report that doesn't tell detail and group data by sections in the organization.

Custom Operations Management offers a complete portal solution to manufacturers in custom product development that allows them to manage the whole lifecycle of their products from product design to order taking to manufacturing and shipping. It also allows goals setting at every level of the organizational hierarchy from individual sales people to separate stores.

Below are some of the features of customops: - being able to customize any product with any custom options - localization of data such as metrics/inches, time zones for all users worldwide - development cost management including all cost pieces such as labor, hardware - messaging component organized around the objects in the system so you get messages from tasks, not an email system - fully customizable scheduling capability to let you set notifications for every milestone of product development - allows unlimited intricate pricing based on product option combinations - has a rule engine making it impossible for orders to be placed for products that do not fit your production scheme - lets you set sales goals at every level of the organization, from company level to individual salespeople - allows you to create portals for your customers and business partners where they can interact and retrieve information pertaining to them only

High-End Custom Programming

FSD believes that any software project is possible and should not have to cost a fortune. We have the knowledge, skills and expertise to deliver the market's most cutting-edge, high-tech solutions. We do so quickly, and at a fraction of what you might expect. We provide complete applications, application components over existing systems or application integration. We have particular experience solving the most complicated and difficult database problems involving big data on a wide variety of RDMBS's including Oracle, MySql, MS SQL Server, Postgres, Sybase, etc. or big data framework such as hadoop. We are experts in architecturing& managing data warehouses and building the user interfaces using different languages such as C#, Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails and more. We host our applications on clouds focusing on performance and scalability.

Big Data Solutions

FSD team has 10+ years of experience in architecturing and managing big data solutions for enterprise clients ranging from healthcare to non-profits. FSD has versatile experience in managing data on frameworks such as hadoop as well as virtually all RDBMS's in the market today including Oracle, MySql, MS SQL Server, Postgres, Sybase and more.

FSD also provides services to exchange data between different data sources and the data warehouse by providing extremely efficient data loaders with granular error reporting capability or linking to different data sources via various messaging protocols such as xml, soap, etc.

Marketing and Advertising

FSD has 7+ years in the Advertising and Marketing field. FSD focuses on integrated marketing plans for clients from strategic campaign development and execution, SEO advertising and management, Google Ad word campaigns and social media management. Whether it's a media outlet such as TV/Radio or Web Based, we have you covered with our strategic ad buying ability and placement to our creative and unique campaign development. We know the results will surpass all of your expectations.